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Mining Accident

Investigated underground mine communication system
failure resulting in serious personal injury.

Plaintiff: Consultation

Automotive Wireless

Investigated insurer’s claim that vehicle anomalies were caused by insured/claimant using a hidden wireless key fob.

Plaintiff: Consultation & Report

Securities Fraud

Investigated high-volume stock trades (cross-trading) resulting in $40M deficit to broker. At issue: trades initiated on a private network with computers having allegedly spoofed MAC addresses.

FINRA Arbitration Defense: Consultation & Report


Investigated an electric circuit breaker panel which caused a severe shock, leading to personal injury.

Plaintiff: Consultation & Report

Murder Appeal

Provided opinion on the whereabouts of an individual’s cell phone based upon service provider records for criminal murder appeal.

Appellant: Consultation, Report, & Court Testimony

Distracted Driver

Analyzed mobile phone records to quantify voice, SMS, & data usage at time of auto accident.

Defense: Consultation & Report

Social Media Metadata

Examined social media metadata, logs, cache, his-tory, and device system records, as well as email metadata to provide an opinion on an individual’s location.

Plaintiff: Consultation & Reports

Software Licensing

Explained differences between types of software licenses related to disagreements regarding the technical terms of a field of use software license.

Defense: Consultation & Report

Protection Order

Examined threatening SMS texts & social media posts. Testified on authenticity and source.

Defense: Consultation & Court Testimony

Home Invasion

Provided opinion on the whereabouts of an individual’s cell phone based upon cellular carrier’s base station GPS records for criminal appeal.

Apellant: Consultation, Report, & Pending Court Testimony

Sex Trafficking

Analyzed, tabulated, and mapped an individual’s Google lo-cation history record. I provided an opinion on the plaintiff’s whereabouts and activity over a three month period.

Defense: Consultation & Report

Hearing Damage

Investigated audio equipment which exposed Plaintiff to unsafe and damaging sound levels.

Plaintiff: Consultation & Report

Medical Electronics

Investigated hospital nurse call button and bed alarm to provide opinion on the cause of a malfunction.

Plaintiff: Consultation & Report

Wrongful Death

Investigated telecommunications wires & other equipment spanning roadway which contributed to death of motorist.

Plaintiff: Consultation

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Founder and CEO of Discovery Engineering, Mark McFarland, P.E., D.F.E., is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, a Board Certified Forensic Engineer, and a statistician. His expertise in engineering and applied research is recognized by legal, insurance, industry, and government clients.

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Do you accept cases nationwide?

Yes, my practice is nationwide.

What kind of cases do you consult on?

My practice covers various cases involving electrical, electronic, or telecommunications phenomena.

I work in both civil and criminal cases for the plaintiff or defense.

I have worked with plaintiff and defense lawyers on civil cases in several fields, including wrongful death, personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, class action, insurance claims, auto accidents, contract disputes, and more.

Some criminal cases I’ve worked on have involved securities fraud, homicide, sex trafficking, and home invasion. The criminal cases usually center around cellular, mobile phone, GPS, and other electronic evidence.

What kind of cases do you consult on?


Do you work for the plaintiff, or do you work for the defense?

I work for both plaintiff and defense lawyers on civil and criminal cases.

Are you licensed to practice engineering?

Yes, I am a licensed and Board certified engineer. My Board certification comes from the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. Additionally, I am an NCEES “Record Holder, ” meaning I can typically get licensed in any state within 30 days.

What is your availability?

I am accepting new cases and am flexible and available on my clients’ schedules. I take pride in meeting all my clients’ deadlines.

What is your billing rate?

My rates are very reasonable. I have two set rates for testimony time, such as in deposition or trial. The second, a lower rate, is for all other time (research, report writing, etc.) I collect an initial retainer and invoice against that.

What is your educational background?

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to gain excellent academic credentials.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. My first Master’s degree is in Telecommunications Engineering, and my second Master’s degree is in Engineering Management- both from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I also completed about 2/3 of an MSEE degree in RF engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia before moving to Colorado.

Lastly, I procured the highest credential available in the quality sciences: the Six Sigma Master Black Belt. This required eight graduate courses (24 credit hours) in applied statistics and research at the University of Colorado.

How many years of experience do you have?

I have over 25 years of experience as an engineer and ten years of experience in quality sciences and applied research.

Do you have trial experience?

Yes – I have testified on behalf of the plaintiff and defense at criminal and civil trials.